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Aquaclean DIS


AQUACLEAN DIS is a technical foam detergent with disinfectant effect made of phosphoric acid, acetic acid, of acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide for use in the food industry.


Surfactants substances (SAS)

Organic and inorganic acids


Peracetic acid

Deionized water

up to 100 %

The main active ingredient: Organic and inorganic acids, hydrogen peroxide, surfactants substances, peracetic acid.

Applications: Food and processing industry, is used to internal and external cleaning and disinfection of surfaces that may have contact with food.


pH: 3.2 - 3.6; (1%, 20 ° C, deionized water)

Detergent has foam abilities, and is not suitable for CIP-systems.


AQUACLEAN DIS as a disinfectant solution compatible with the following materials:

Metals: stainless steel, steel, galvanized surfaces, non-ferrous metals and their alloys.
Plastics: polyethylene and polypropylene.

Other surfaces: glass and ceramics.

AQUACLEAN DIS is used for quick cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and equipment that have contact with food, as well as floors and walls in the food industry.

Facilities for processing of meat, fish and prepack food products:

Processed all surfaces that have contact with the food and require disinfection, product transporting containers, belt- and distribution conveyors, processing devices.

Confectionery industry:

Mixing containers, reservoirs, packaging machines, conveyors.

Milk- and cheese-production facilities:

Cold rooms and rooms for cheese aging.

Method of application:

Apply as a foam, immediately after washing phase, on the surfaces that require disinfection.

1. To apply on the surface AQUACLEAN DIS detergent as a foam. Concentration of a solution is 2-4 %.

2. Exposition for 15 - 20 minutes.

3. To rinse with cold water until neutral pH 6-7 of flush water will be reached.


Plastic canisters sized of 5, 10, 20 liters with «breathable stopper».


To storage in dry, dark, ventilated room at a temperature in range from 00 C to +300 C.

Shelf life - 6 months from the date manufactured.


PE "Kronos Agro", 07834 Ukraine, Kiev region, Borodyansky district, village Ozera, Shevchenko st., 18-B.


When working with detergent is necessary to wear PPE and avoid contact with eyes and skin. Work should be done with gloves that protect eyes.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with running water for 10 minutes, apply a sterile dressing and seek medical attention.
Delete means only running water and not cloth.
After contact with skin – to wash with soap and running water. Smear with cream. Consult a doctor. Immediately remove contaminated clothing means.
When swallowed - to drink plenty of water. Consult a doctor immediately.
Always to mix detergent in slack water.
Do not heat the vehicle and its solution is above +30 ° C.
Do not apply disinfectant solution on hot surfaces.
Do not rinse with hot water.
Do not mix and its vehicle solution with alkaline substances.
To avoid splashing of the concentrate product while mixing with water it is necessary to add water in detergent, but to do not add detergent in water.

If detergent is spilled - it should be covered with sand (not sawdust), then impregnated with a shovel to remove sand and to fill the area with soda. Soda also must be collected and recycled; the place where detergent was spilled must be rinsed with large amount of water.