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Our services

We are pleased to advise our clients and train your staff.

Why are we doing this? Because if our clients understands:

1) what kind of products do you need?

2) how and when to use the product?

3) what is the purpose of product? - then they plan their business more efficiently, so the greater benefit they receives while equal or even lower costs.

In this regard, we offer the following services:

1. Production of goods according the technical documentation of the customer, in compliance with the ISO 9001:2009 operating equipment at PE "Kronos Agro".

2. Advice on computer optimization of feed rations.

3. Advice on the use of poly-enzyme compositions in feed.

4. Advice on the use of acidulants ( food, water).

5. Drafting flowsheets for disinfection of livestock buildings and poultry houses, calculation of costs for disinfection.

6. Training your personnel the rules of disinfection, practical training in the use of pressure washers, generators of hot and cold mist.

7. Optimizing the using of acidulents, depending on the clients water quality by water acidification and determination the acid- binding capacity of the feed.

8. Visiting our clients to make advisory assistance with the assistance of independent experts.

9. Testing thermal stability and compatibility of enzymes at the customers production facilities.